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Contact your NC legislators to amend House Bill 307 to include SXS for road use in NC!

We are currently going after Deanna Ballard to amend House Bill 307 (S.L.2020-40) to include SXS for road use. We need her to champion and become the primary sponsor the new SXS bill (introduce it, manage it, etc.). The reason being, Senator Ballard was the primary sponsor of the mini-truck legislation (House Bill 179). She knows the process and what needs to be done for SXS/UTVs to become road legal in NC. 

Deanna would like to see a few things before she becomes the champion for a new bill, which are:

Senator Ballard also brought to my attention that there could be counter-movements, such as with the sheriffs association and etc., so this is why we must ALL stick together on this. 

What you can do now: please reach out to her office to know she should support a new bill to amend House Bill 307 (S.L.2020-40) to include SXS for road use in NC.

Please contact her office and voice your support until she becomes a sponsor. I’ll update everyone once she has. Your message should be: “Senator Ballard – please champion a new bill to amend House Bill 307 (S.L.2020-40) to allow for SXS to become road legal in NC.

If any of you are super close with a state legislature and you believe they would like to be the champion or primary sponsor, please share. 

The new SXS bill will essentially be only a few text changes to House Bill 307 (S.L.2020) – basically, an amendment to this bill. The text changes will include: cc size, length, width, and to remove the parking brake requirement as many SXS have park. This will make it easy to draft a new bill. These small text changes will allow mid-sized utility vehicles (aka SXS/UTVs) to become road-legal in NC and receive an official endorsement. 

Regarding the other legislatures, all are on the table.  I believe the low hanging fruits are those statehouse representatives and senators who have sponsored the Mini Truck and Mahindra Roxor legislation – as they have prior experience with a bill of this type. 

Initial List of State Legislatures

House of Representative:


Once we have a champion and a bill is drafted, the flood gates will open for us to start emailing and calling them to become a sponsor of the new bill. I’ve also been told it’s very easy to go to the General Assembly, visit their offices, and meet with them. This is something I’ll be doing once a bill is drafted and we need support. 

In the meantime, contact Deanna Ballard’s office and tell her to “please champion a new bill to amend House Bill 307 (S.L.2020-40) so that mid-sized utility vehicles, SXS and UTVs can become street legal in NC!”


Kyle [at] unseenpass [dot] com

P.S. As of this post, we’re currently, over 5250 signatures. 

P.P.S. Here’s the link to the web page dedicated to the lobby effort:

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