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Experience Self-Guided and Guided SXS Tours

Experience the Appalachians and Tennessee backwoods like never before on a side-by-side (SXS), also know as a UTV by some. Take in the grandeur and have an experience that many haven’t. Book a Doe Mountain SXS Tour today.

Unseen Pass SXS at Doe Mountain, NC.

Doe Mountain is only 30 minutes from Boone, NC and 45-50 minutes from West Jefferson, NC (Unseen Pass’ location).

The Rundown…

Unseen Pass is working hard to get its (side-by-side[s]) SXS back on the roads of Ashe County, NC for street-legal road rentals. We are in the process of lobbying the NC Legislature to change the modified utility vehicle law to fully accommodate SXS for road use (read more here). We’d love your support! 

In the meantime, Unseen Pass is offering Doe Mountain Tours in addition to cabin drop off rentals to get us through until we’re able to operate on the road.

With that said… Unseen Pass has purchased really nice SXSs and outfitted them for off roading and road use, so as you can imagine we’re not thrilled about them being off-roaded. The reason being – off roading causes bushings, bearings, axels, a-arms, belts, and a list go other mechanical workings to wear at a significantly faster rate and could diminish the quality of future road use one NC comes around to legalizing them for the streets.

Unseen Pass is willing to provide tours and rent them long as you and your party are respectful and able to embrace our short term mission – which is taking great care of the SXS units so they can get back on the roads in Ashe County, NC once the laws are sorted out. By no means are we saying you can’t have fun, just be respectful of the units we kindly ask. You don’t have to have a “drive it like you stole it” mentality to have a blast at Doe Mountain.

Unseen Pass’ Honda Talon X-4 for Rent

Each SXS is equipped with full engine diagnostics and a highly sophisticated GPS tracking system – which means we’re able to tell if someone is abusing the units, are not staying on a predetermined route, or off-road – in addition to things like if someone wrecks due to careless driving. We don’t want to be sticklers or really even make this statement, but we do want to be transparent and set expectations up front to help everyone see the full picture.

Tour Options

Unseen Pass’ Doe Mountain Tours are perfect for corporate groups, wedding parties, family vacations, groups of friends, and parties (although no alcohol is permitted). 

Unseen Pass Group SXS Tour

Regarding the different tour options for Doe Mountain, we have three as of right now:

  1. Self-Guided Smartphone Tour | (4 hrs – $299 to $499, SXS dependent)
  2. Guided Tour | (5 hrs – 349 to $549, SXS dependent)
  3. Rugged Off-Road Tour (5 hrs, 399 to $599, SXS dependent)

You can book a tour via the website (best way) or by stopping in at 421 E. 2nd Street, West Jefferson, NC. You’ll find additional information on each tour after the next paragraph. 

On the day of the tour, we will ask that you drive and meet us in the parking lot of the Doe Mountain Recreation Area. At Doe mountain or online, before you get there, you’ll also have to purchase a riding permit for the day, which is only $18.00 for the first person/driver, and $3.00 for additional passengers of the unit(s) you rent. Here’s a link to where you’re able to do that:

Option 1: Self-Guided Smartphone Tour

Each SXS is equipped with two smartphone Ram Mounts and smartphone 12v charging adapters which allows you to use your smartphone to easily navigate the trails at Doe Mountain.

Ram Mount to put your smart phone in so you can easily follow the self guided SXS tour.

Unseen Pass has a fully-self guided route via a smartphone app that will take you to the most notable sights on the trail system, such as the Fire Tower and Chimney Rock.

Unseen Pass’ SXS at the Fire Tower at Doe Mountain, TN

With the self-guided tour, you’re able to go at your own pace and take in the sights they way you’d like within the allotted time period, which is 4 hrs. With that said, you must stay on the predetermined route. This tour is also best for when conditions are dry, as you wouldn’t want to follow a guide or multiple people when conditions are dusty. 

A refundable $1500 deposit is required for rentals. You must be 25 years or older to be a driver on a self-guided tour. In addition to that, you must sign a wavier of liability and code of conduct. As far as additional guidelines relating to kids and passengers, Doe Mountain allows for kids to ride as long as they are 5 years old from what we currently understand. Here’s where you can read more:

Option 2: Guided Tour

With the guided tour, you’ll follow a guide through the trails at Doe Mountain. Trails range from novice to intermediate. Most of the trails are free-flowing and allow you to see the best sights on the mountain, like the FireTower and Chimney Rock. The guided tour ranges from 4.5 to 5 hrs.

Group SXS Tour via Unseen Pass

A refundable $1500 deposit is required for rentals. You must be 18 years or older to be a driver on a self-guided tour. In addition to that, you must sign a wavier of liability and code of conduct. As far as additional guidelines relating to kids and passengers, Doe Mountain allows for kids to ride as long as they are 5 years old from what we currently understand. Here’s where you can read more:

Option 3: Rugged Off-Road Tour

For those of you that like serious off-roading and what to see all that Doe Mountain has to offer, like the most difficult trails, this tour is for you – as long as you have serious experience on ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, high powered cars, and etc. You’ll get a combination of rocky trails, steep powerlines, tight woods, mud, water, and fast-flowing trails, which will be mixed in. This tour ranges from 5 to 5.5 hrs. We ask you to pick good lines and be respectful of the units, as we stated towards the top of this page.

Unseen Pass Doe Mountain SXS Adventures

A refundable $1500 deposit is required for rentals. You must be 25 years or older to be a driver on a self-guided tour. In addition to that, you must sign a wavier of liability and code of conduct. As far as additional guidelines relating to kids and passengers, Doe Mountain allows for kids to ride as long as they are 5 years old from what we currently understand. Here’s where you can read more:

SXS Rental Units

As far as the SXS go to rent, here are your options:

  1. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 (2-seater) | (starting at $299+)
  2. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 (2-seater) | (starting at $299+)
  3. Yamaha YXZ1000R (2-seater) |  ($369+)
  4. Honda Taylon (4-seater) | ($399+)
  5. Polaris RZR1000 (4-seater) | ($499+)

Prices range based upon which tour you select.

Unseen Pass’ SXS

Prices include hauling the SXS to and from Doe Mountain, prepping the units, educating renters about the units, cleaning of the units, and more. Prices do not include your Doe Mountain Operator Permit or any food, drinks, or refreshments you may want to purchase or bring with you.

Unseen Pass SXS trailered out to Doe Mountain, TN

Dress Code

You’ll need to dress for the occasion, season, and weather. It’s a good idea to bring eye protection – as mud, debris, dust, and other elements will be stirred up as you ride.

Each unit comes with a roll cage, DOT approved safety glass, seat belts, grab handles, and additional protection.

Helmets are not required on UTVs as long as you’re using your seatbelt. If you would like to bring a helmet.


Doe Mountain is only 30 minutes from Boone and 45-50 minutes from West Jefferson, NC – depending on which way you go. To get to Doe Mountain Recreation Area, simply type in Doe Mountain Recreation Area into your GPS.

Unseen Pass Location to Doe Mountain Recreation Area

Starting Address:

421 E 2nd St, West Jefferson, NC 28694


  • Head southeast toward E 2nd St., 421 E 2nd St, West Jefferson, NC 28694 to Doe Mountain Recreation Area Drive 33.1 miles, 50 minTake NC-194 N, NC-88 W, Big Laurel Rd and TN-167 S/Forge Creek Rd to Harbin Hill Rd in Johnson County, 10 s (138 ft), 50 min (32.0 mi)
  • Turn right onto E 2nd St
  • Pass by Speedway (on the left)
  • Turn right onto NC-194 N/N Jefferson Ave
  • Continue to follow NC-194 N
  • Continue onto NC-88 W Turn right onto Big Laurel Rd
  • Entering Tennessee
  • Continue onto TN-167 S/Forge Creek Rd Turn right onto S Shady St
  • Turn left onto Hwy 67 W W/W Main St
  • Turn left onto Harbin Hill Rd

Ending Address:

Doe Mountain Recreation Area: 1203 Harbin Hill Rd, Mountain City, TN 37683

Additional Details

Each renter will need to sign a Wavier of Liability and code of conduct. Driver age restrictions vary from 18-25 years of age, depending on the tour (self guided or guided). Each driver must have a valid drivers license, obey the rule of Doe Mountain, and wear a seatbelt. Seatbelts are also required by passengers.

Tours take place in all weather conditions.

Code of Conduct

Here are a few of the details that we will ask that you abide by:

No careless or wreck-less driving (power slides, whips, donuts, etc.)

  • Be respectful to others on the trails and trail system
  • Stay 3-4 lengths from the SXS in front of you and always stop at a safe distance
  • Do not pass the SXS in front of you unless they pull over and waive you in front

Full details and PDF provided once your tour or rental unit is booked.


Before we get into the FAQs, please note that these side-by-sides (SXS) are to be taken great care of on. They were intended for the dirt roads north and northwestern parts of Ashe County, NC – but due to the attorney general’s interpretation of NC law, Unseen Pass is unable to rent the units out as intended. You must be 25 years or older to rent. Each unit has an Automile GPS tracker with full engine diagnostics to provide complete and accurate transparency in the case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Here are the top frequently asked questions:

What do I have to do when I get to Doe Mountain?

Park in a designated parking spot, then purchase your day pass (you can also do this online here: Once you have your day pass, please give the last 6 digits to a staff member of Doe Mountain Recreation Area.

Will I get muddy or dirty?

Yes, you very well could, even though it’s a low percentage. If conditions are dry, you could get dusty. For that reason, its recommended you wear eye protection and follow at a safe distance from others in front of you.

Is it dangerous?

Walking down the starts can be dangerous if you don’t do it correctly and are careless. The same goes for a SXS. If you can drive a car, you can drive a SXS. Unseen Pass will provide education and a short training session with each of the drivers to ensure safety and answer questions.

How hard is it to drive a SXS?

If you can drive a car, you can drive a SXS. They are very similar and super simple to drive. Unseen Pass will provide you with instructions and training on operating each unit despite them being so intuitive to operate.

Kawasaki Teryx for Rent at Unseen Pass

How many SXS can I rent?

You can rent up to three (3) SXS at a time, as that’s how many we’re able to fit on a 36 ft trailer.

Three of Unseen Pass SXS on a trailer

How big will my group be?

10 people! Unseen Pass has (3) three two-seat SXS and two (2) four-seat SXS. If you rent two four-seaters and one two-seater, that’s a total of 10 people or a maximum of 10 participants.

Where are you located?

421 E 2nd St., West Jefferson, NC 28694

Picture of Unseen Pass’ Location

Can I ride with Unseen Pass to Doe Mountain?

At this time, for liability reasons, we ask that you drive yourself. The good thing is, Doe Mountain is only 45 minutes from West Jefferson, NC and only 30 minutes from Boone, NC.

Do I need to book in advance or make a reservation?

It would be nice if you booked at least a day in advance if there is availability as this would speed up the process for your rental 

It’s super easy to book online through our site. We use the top tourist booking software that most others in the industry use, which makes it super simple on both of us. You’ll have a streamlined experience online.

Do I have to purchase insurance?

Once you check out and pay through our website, Unseen Pass will purchase insurance on your behalf. For a full day rental, it’s $15.00.

How old do you have to be to rent?

25 years old to rent and drive an SXS. We ask that you adhere to the insurance standards and policies we’ve agreed to. 

What is a side-by-side?

A side-by-side is a Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) or a four-wheeled autocycle in some states. 

Unseen Pass SXS (Kawasaki Teryx 1000)

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No, you do not have to wear a helmet but you’re more than welcome if it helps you feel more safe. All our rental units have DOT approved windshield protection. Doe Mountain doesn’t require a helmet as long as there is seat belt protection.

Do I have to wear a seatbelt?

Yes, you have to wear a seatbelt in accordance with the law. The SXS also will not operate above 10 mph without the driver having a seat belt on for your safety. 

Do you have to have riding gear?

No, it’s not necessary, but you can if you’d like and it makes you feel more comfortable. In the summer, summer clothing is fine. In the fall, a light thermal is recommended under your normal clothes. All our units have roofs, DOT windshields, and poly rear windshields to keep the elements off you. 

Will I get dirty?

It all depends. If it’s dusty out on the dirt paths, you may, especially if you’re following someone. If it’s rained during the week and the dirt roads aren’t dusty, not really. If it rains, you may get wet. Each unit is equipped with a roof and a front and rear windshield to cut down on the elements and to provide additional safety.  

Are they safe?

Yes, much safer than any two-wheeled motorcycle or ATVs – there’s no debate. Motorcycles or ATVs don’t have seat belts. Motorcycles or ATVs don’t have roll cages. 

Motorcycles don’t have four wheels. And the list goes on… 

Are they easy to drive?

Yes, much like a car. Each renter will get a thorough breakdown as to how to operate their side-by-side (SXS) rental. As long as you’ve driven a car and have a valid drivers licenses, we can easily teach you.

How many miles will a SXS go on a tank of gas?

Each unit is different. The two-seat Teryx will only get 80-85 miles to a tank, were as the RZR Turbo will get around 100 and the Honda Talon around 120 miles. You will not run out of gas on your Doe Mountain Adventure. 

Is there a late fee?

Yes. It’s a $50 late fee if it’s up to an hour late on the return. If it’s over an hour, it’s a half-day charge. We have to enforce this because late fees back up hauling, cleaning, and prepping the units.

What accessories are provided with the rentals?

RAM Mounts and 12v adapters for your smartphones. Each unit is also equipped with DOT front glass, a roof, and a rear windshield. 

Is there a cancelation policy?

Yes, there is a cancelation policy. As long as you cancel within 72 hours, you will be refunded. After 72 hrs, the reservation is non-refundable.

What will I need to rent? 

A valid driver’s license, a major credit card with up to $1500 available for a hold in (refundable) case there are damages not picked up by renters insurance.

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