Roxor on hilltop
Roxor on hilltop

Here are the frequently asked questions by most renters:

Are car seats allowed?

Absolutely. Yes, car seats and booster seats are available. Bring your children along for the ride for either our street-legal UTV rentals or an off-road tour.

Do I need to book in advance or make a reservation?

It would be nice if you booked in advance and would speed up the process for your rental 🙂 It’s super easy to book online through our site. Unseen Pass uses the top tourist booking software that most others in the industry use, which will make it super simple on the both of us. You’ll have a streamlined experience online. Visit the location page to book your rental or tour!

How many people can comfortably ride in a UTV or Roxor?

Unseen Pass’ two, four, five, and six seat UTVs.

Four people can ride in a Mahindra Roxor

Here’s what’s involved:

  1. Book online
  2. Sign e-forms on -or- before arrival (i.e. waiver of liability, etc.)
  3. Check-in on the day of your rental
  4. Receive operational instructions on your Roxor rental

Once that’s done – go explore 🙂

Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Yes, you can show up and rent a powersports rental -IF- units are available. It’s best to book well in advance.

Where is Unseen Pass located?

421 E 2nd St., West Jefferson, NC 28694

Unseen Pass Location in West Jefferson NC

What do I need to be able to rent?

A valid credit card and drivers license is required. You also must be 21 years of age to rent. Unseen Pass will hold your credit card on file via Peek for $500 incase of an accident if there are damages not picked up by MBA Renters Insurance (or for the deductible).

Do I have to purchase insurance?

Yes, you’ll have to purchase MBA renters insurance. Once you check out and pay through Peek, we will purchase insurance on your behalf. For a full day rental, it’s $15.00 and $15.00 for each additional day.

How old do you have to be to rent?

21 years old to rent and drive an Roxor. It’s not up to us, it gets us a better rate with our insurance policy. If someone wrecks or has an accident and they’re under 21, insurance won’t cover it and you’ll be left with the full amount of damages and etc. We hate it’s this way, but we have to adhere to the insurance standards and policies we’ve agreed to. 

No. Unseen Pass’ street-legal units are for on-road use only; however – we supply really cool routes on dirt roads that most would need 4×4 to drive on! If our GPS indicates that you are off-road, you’ll have to bring the rental back and there will be no refunds. Renters insurance doesn’t cover off-road use. When vehicles are off roaded, they also incur damage that isn’t reflected in the price to rent. It also cost more to clean the vehicle after it’s off roaded.

Code of Conduct

What happened to Unseen Pass in 2020 in NC?

Unseen Pass started out renting traditional SXS or UTVs such as 1000 cc Honda Talons, Polaris RZRs, and Kawasaki Teryxs with out-of-state tags so that they could be legal for on-road use in NC as many others have done. It started out great until we hit a hurdle with the NCDMV on Labor Day Weekend of 2020, which prompted us to no longer run 1000 cc SXS on NC roads (full story).

Street Legal SXS in NC

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride?

No, these are classified as modified utility vehicles. You do not need a motorcycle license to ride. They are like little Jeeps and are open-air vehicles which allow you to take in the sights unlike a traditional vehicle.

How far are you from the main street and the main strip in West Jefferson, NC?

Less than a minute on a Roxor and only 3-minute walk.

Unseen Pass Mahindra Roxors at New River Brewing

What is a side-by-side?

A side-by-side (SXS) is a Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). A Roxor is a 2400 cc SXS.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No, you do not have to wear a helmet for SXS, UTV, and Roxor but you’re more than welcome if it helps you feel more safe.. For a Slingshot, you’ll need to wear a helmet, as they are considered three wheel motorcycles.

Having Fun on a Mahindra Roxor SXS from Unseen Pass

Do I have to wear a seatbelt?

Yes, you have to wear a seatbelt in accordance with the law. 

Do you have to have riding gear?

No, it’s not necessary, but you can if you’d like and if it makes you feel more comfortable. In the summer, summer clothing is fine. In the fall, a light thermal is recommended under your normal clothes. All our units have biki tops and DOT windshields to keep the elements off you. 

Will I get dirty?

It all depends. If it’s dusty out on the dirt roads, you may, especially if you’re following someone. If it’s rained during the week and the dirt roads aren’t dusty, not really. If it rains, you may get wet. Each unit is equipped with a biki top and a front windshield to cut down on the elements and to provide additional safety.  

Roxor on dirt road.

Are they safe?

Yes, much safer than any two-wheeled motorcycle, no debate. Motorcycles don’t have seat belts. Motorcycles don’t have roll cages. Motorcycles don’t have four wheels. And the list goes on… 🙂

Are they easy to drive?

Yes, much like a Jeep. Each renter will get a thorough breakdown as to how to operate their rental. As long as you’ve driven a car and have a valid drivers licenses, we can easily teach you.

Insurance. Insurance will not cover damages off-road. As a business, once units go offroad – they’re at risk of having arms bent, tires/rims damaged, and the list goes on. If we were to rent these off-road – the prices would be significantly steeper and we would most likely not be able to get a policy for renters.

What will I see when I’m on one of the routes?

In West Jefferson, NC for example – You’ll see the branches and forks of the New River. Epic mountain views. Lovely dirt roads. Animals (deer, turkey, etc.), trees, and more. You’ll see the best sights in Ashe County, NC.

As of right now – there are two main routes: 

How many miles will a Roxor go on a tank of diesel?

Roxors have 12 gallon tanks and will normally average 30 miles per gallon – so roughly 360 miles.

What kind of gas do I need to put in the Roxor?


Is there a late fee?

Yes. It’s a $50 late fee if it’s up to an hour late on the return. If it’s over an hour, it’s a half-day charge. We have to enforce this because late fees back up the rentals, service, and etc. – and cost us in the end. Would you want to rent a unit and your unit show up late and still have to be cleaned and etc.? Exactly. We kindly ask that you be considerate of others that come after you, as we do the people who come before you.

What accessories are provided with the rentals?

RAM Mounts for select vehicles so you can easily check out GPS routes on your phone. Ram Mounts work for most all smartphones. Each unit is also equipped with DOT front glass, a roof, and a rear windshield. 

Is there a cancelation policy?

Yes, there is a cancelation policy. As long as you cancel within 72 hours, you will be refunded. After 72 hrs, the reservation is non-refundable.

Do I need to use four-wheel drive? (4WD/4X4)

In Gatlinburg, TN – no 🙂 In some cases in NC, you may. For example, at Pond Mountain, if you don’t keep your momentum up and/or depending on road conditions, you’ll need to put it in 4×4.

What kind of impact will Unseen Pass have on Ashe County, NC?

Unseen Pass will bring more people to Ashe County from the Triad, Triangle, and Charlotte. As more people come up, more people will eat at the restaurants, purchase gifts at the gift shop, and bring more revenue to Ashe County, NC.

Unseen Pass will also bring more people to the backcountry to explore the views. While doing this, they’ll see available real estate to rent and purchase.

It’s our belief this will have a positive impact on Ashe County. 

Mahindra Roxor on road in West Jefferson NC

Where is a good place to stay?

Here are a few places to stay in West Jefferson and Ashe County, NC:

  • The Travelers Suite at The Feathered Nest Downtown Stay in downtown West Jefferson, NC and enjoy the restaurants, shops, and more. This is a modern, upbeat place to stay in town.
  • Lingael Farm (dirt road off Helton Creek)
  • Twin Rivers Campground – Crumpler, NC | Stay at a campground that has a fun, family atmosphere. This campground is located off Garvey Bridge Rd, which is a beautiful, winding dirt road by the river. Experience nice views and lovely people.
  • The Nesting Place B and B | “The Nesting Place offers a place of quiet, refreshing and an enjoyable refuge from life’s demands. Please make it the experience you are seeking, by strolling up to the pond, walking down to the New River, or simply sitting in the patio swing and listening to the many birds. The Inn sits on 26 acres, so you are sure to find a spot that calls your name. Relax on the front porch in a rocking chair, or enjoy some leisurely reading in one of the common areas. You can eat breakfast outside, or inside, sip your coffee or tea with others, or enjoy your own private meal in your room. Many books are available for browsing, as well as information on local shops, galleries, and restaurants. The Nesting Place is a 7 mile drive to Jefferson or West Jefferson.” – The Nest Place About Us Page
  • Bluff Mountain Estates | “Spend your weekend getaway or weeklong vacation at this cozy 3-bedroom, 3 bath, 1860 square foot cabin for 8 just minutes from West Jefferson and Boone. As picturesque mountain views stretch out beyond your covered front porch, enjoy a cup of coffee from your wicker chair to start your day off right.” – Carolina Mountain Properties & Rentals, Inc

Places to Stay Blog Post

Places to stay in West Jefferson and Ashe County, NC

If you had the perfect rental weekend, what would it consist of in West Jefferson, NC?

I would pick up my Roxor on Friday afternoon. I’d get familiar with it. I’d take it to dinner at a place like New River Brewing Taproom & Eatery.

On Saturday, I would take the Peak Tour. Towards the end of the tour once on Helton Creek, I would stop and order Pizza from Pie on the Mountain. Next, I would GPS Pie on the Mountain to go pick up my pizza. Once I picked up my pizza, I would take it to Molly Chomper to eat and have a cider. 

After that, I would head back to my cabin, vacation rental, or residence to chill out.

Here’s a blog post with a link to the full rundown: Planning a Trip to Ashe County, NC.

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