Slingshot, UTV, & Roxor Rentals

And OFF-Road Tours

Unseen Pass allows you to experience the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains like most haven’t.

Rent a UTV from Unseen Pass

Slingshot, SXS, UTV and Roxors are open-air vehicles that allow you to take in the scenic views unlike that of a car, truck or traditional vehicle.

Unseen Pass has Slingshots, SXS, UTVs, Roxors and more available to rent for street-legal use.

4-Seat UTV Options

We provide 2-seaters all the way up to 6-seaters, so chose the options that are best for you.



Witness the unseen on a 350 acre private mountain. Take a two-hour guided-tour on a boosted Turbo-Diesel Mahindra Roxor with tractor tires on off-camber trails. Navigate hill climbs, mud, ruts, rocks, and more.

4-seat and 6-seater Roxors are available. Tours are a solid 2-hrs long!

For those looking for four-wheeling adventures and outdoor activities in the Appalachian mountains, we have designed a unique and original experience for you! You’ll have an outdoor adventure that other ATV or UTV rental companies are unable to offer. 

Unseen Pass’ first video, generated for its West Jefferson, NC location.

Smart Phone Routes

Use our smartphone routes and phone mount to cut out the guesswork on seeing the best, yet less traveled sights.

Your phone goes in the mount you see above.

The mount will holds your smart phone securely.

Here is a photo collage of real places you’ll get to explore on the nature end:

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For those looking for 4-wheeling off-road adventures and outdoor activities in the Appalachian and Blue-Ridge Mountains, this experience for you!