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Unseen Pass is working hard to get its (side-by-side[s]) SXS back on the roads of Ashe County, NC for street-legal road rentals. We are in the process of lobbying the NC Legislature to change the modified utility vehicle law to fully accommodate SXS for road use so that there isn’t any grey area up for question.

In the meantime, Unseen Pass is offering (1) Doe Mountain Tours (self-guided and guided) and (2) Cabin Drop Off SXS rentals to get us through until we’re able to operate on the road again in Ashe County, NC. We’d love your support! 

Doe Mountain Adventure
Doe Mountain Adventure

It is Unseen Pass’ objective to make sure we provide the highlight on your vacation or Doe Mountain Adventure. We would like for you to have more fun than expected and smile the entire time while on one of our SXS.

With that said… Unseen Pass has purchased really nice SXSs for strictly road use and outfitted them for that purpose, so as you can imagine we’re not thrilled about them being off-roaded. The reason being – off roading causes bushings, bearings, axels, a-arms, belts, and a list go other mechanical workings to wear at a significantly faster rate and could diminish the quality of future road use one NC comes around to legalizing them for the streets. Unseen Pass is willing to provide tours and rent them long as you and your party are respectful, compassionate with the situation facing the Unseen Pass (i.e. lobbying effort), and able to embrace our short term mission – which is taking great care of the SXS units so they can get back on the roads in Ashe County, NC once the laws are sorted out. By no means are we saying you can’t have fun, just be respectful of the units we kindly ask.

Each SXS is equipped with full engine diagnostics and a highly sophisticated GPS tracking system – which means we’re able to tell if someone is abusing the units, are not staying on a predetermined route, or off-road – in addition to things like if someone wrecks due to careless driving. We don’t want to be sticklers or really even make this statement, but we do want to be transparent and set expectations upfront to help everyone see the full picture.

(1) Doe Mountain Adventures

Regarding the different tour options for Doe Mountain, Unseen Pass is offering three as of right now:

  1. Self-Guided Smartphone Tour | (4 hrs – $299 to $499, SXS dependent)
  2. Guided Tour | (5 hrs – 349 to $549, SXS dependent)
  3. Rugged Off-Road Tour (5 hrs, 399 to $599, SXS dependent)

You can book a tour via the website (best way) or by stopping in at 421 E. 2nd Street, West Jefferson, NC (limited hours). You’ll find additional information on each tour after the next paragraph. 

(2) Cabin Drop Off SXS Rentals

If your cabin or vacation rental has land, trails, or a trail system for you to ride on – rent a SXS from for a number of days, over the weekend (Thursday/Friday to Sunday) or for a full week to enhance your stay in the mountains.

We will drop a SXS off to your location in Ashe County:

We will bring a SXS to you 🙂

You can book a SXS rental via the website (best way) or by stopping in at 421 E. 2nd Street, West Jefferson, NC (limited hours). You’ll find additional information on each tour after the next paragraph. 

SXS Rental Units

Check them out:

Here are available SXS for rent:

  1. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 (2-seater) | (starting at $329+)
  2. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 (2-seater) | (starting at $329+)
  3. Yamaha YXZ1000R (2-seater) |  ($399+)
  4. Honda Talon (4-seater) | ($429+)
  5. Polaris RZR1000 (4-seater) | ($529+)

The rates you see are the daily rates and the plus sign indicates the rates increase for additional days.

To see more details about Doe Mountain Adventures or SXS rental drop offs, visit the webpages.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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